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Primary School

The primary approach to learning is one of inquiry through context. Units of work have been developed based around a central theme, giving the students a shared focus for learning. The primary curriculum has, at its core, the English National Curriculum for English, maths, and science. The maths objectives have been linked to the famous Singapore maths teaching method which has been proven to produce an outstanding depth of understanding and application. The school has produced units of work for each grade level that make connections between subjects so that skills and knowledge can be taught in context in a meaningful way. Emphasis is placed on an activity-based approach that incorporates thinking skills, technology, and internationalism. Where appropriate, the maths and English are taught as standalone subjects to ensure that the core skills are embedded. The use of topic work allows those skills to be applied to real-life situations. 


Objectives for other subjects have been selected from the best curricula available in the world today to ensure that connections can be made between disciplines that give the students the opportunity to inquire.


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