Uniform Policy




Evolution has introduced a uniform to create unity and team spirit amongst the student body. A uniform creates a feeling of equality and reduces tensions amongst young people competing to wear the latest fashions. In designing the uniform, the school has endeavoured to develop a classic style which is easy to wear, comfortable, practical and attractive to young people of all ages. In order to reduce problems between students and conflict with the school, it is important that all students follow the uniform policy correctly at all times. The school wishes to ensure that students are focused on their learning and not distracted by the latest fashions and fads. Parents cooperation in these matters at all times is greatly appreciated.




  • Boys – hair should be above the collar at the back and above the ears at the sides. Hair should be kept clean, tidy and appropriate for learning, ‘fashion’ cuts should be avoided so as not to provide a distraction to learning.

  • Girls – long hair must be tied and kept out the eyes. Dyed hair is not encouraged, however, if used, should not be noticeable and therefore must be natural looking.


Jewelry and accessories


  • A watch is allowed but should be appropriate for school and not expensive

  • Chains, rings, wristbands, etc., should not be worn as these are a safety issue for young people involved in vigorous exercise and play

  • Earrings, if worn, should be a simple, small hoop or stud and must not present a safety issue during PE or play

  • Visible tattoos are unacceptable

  • Makeup should not be worn unless with a medical note e.g. concealer

  • Nail polish is not allowed unless it is transparent 


General (boys and girls) – not from school uniform store


  • Black, white or black and white shoes – these can be formal shoes or of the ‘sports’ variety but should not be made of canvas or be chequered e.g. Vans, Converse. Acceptable ‘sports’ shoes would be varieties of Nike, Adidas, etc. where the black/white colouring is kept to a stripe or logo as shown.

  • Socks – black or white

  • Appropriate swimwear (one piece for girls)

  • Goggles for swimming

  • Swim cap for girls

  • Water bottle with the name clearly marked

  • Head scarves for girls, if worn, should be white


General (boys and girls) – from the school uniform store

  • Hat – the school hat is available in two colours, yellow or green. The hat must be worn by all students during break time and outdoor PE lessons from September to the October break and after the April holiday to the end of the year. The debilitating effects of overheating on the young brain are well documented and the school wishes to ensure that all students are able to enjoy their breaks without suffering the effects of heat exhaustion.

  • Polo shirt – short sleeved for summer

  • Polo shirt – long sleeved for winter (optional)

  • Baseball jacket – this is the only jacket/coat that may be worn, other jackets/coats are not permitted

  • PE T-shirt – short sleeved for summer

  • PE T-shirt – long sleeved for winter (optional)

  • PE trousers and/or PE shorts 

  • PE hoodie for winter (note, on very cold days the PE hoodie may be worn under the school jacket as part of the formal school uniform)

N.B. PE clothes may be worn to school on PE days as the school does not have changing facilities. There are two PE lessons every week.


  • Either long trousers with the school name tag – please note that the school trousers must be worn and outside purchases are not permitted

  • Or short trousers with the school name tag (optional)



  • Either long trousers with the school name tag – please note that the school trousers must be worn and outside purchases are not permitted

  • Or short trousers with the school name tag (optional)

  • Or skort with the school name tag (optional)



Any student unable to wear the correct uniform for a temporary reason should provide the school with a note/message explaining the reason signed by a parent/guardian. The behaviour policy will be applied to any students not wearing the correct uniform and unable to provide a note from parents.Please note that all uniform items provided by the school store must be purchased from the school only.

evo cap
evo cap
evo uniform

Choose a combination from the above for the formal uniform. Please note that school trousers must be purchased from the school store, alternative brands are not permitted. 

evo uniform

Choose a combination from the above for the PE uniform.