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The school follows a policy of Assessment for Learning whereby students are continuously assessed on their work and given feedback on how to improve. As part of this policy, students are also taught how to self-assess and peer-assess so that they begin to take ownership of their learning journey. Parents will be given regular feedback on student progress and suggestions for how they can help at home. Teachers undergo regular sessions moderating student work against the selected objectives to ensure that the students are making the required progress from grade to grade.


External tests are used each year to ensure that our students are meeting internationally accepted standards. CAT4s from GL Assessments on entry test students’ ability in English, maths and non-verbal skills. MNP Insite is the annual maths test that measures our primary students’ progress with the Maths No Problem maths scheme from the UK based on the Singapore teaching method. Progressive Achievement for International Schools (PAIS) and English and maths assessments from the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) specifically designed for international curricula. The New Group Reading Test (NGRT) from GL Assessments assesses all students’ ability in decoding and reading comprehension. iLower Secondary exams from Pearson are the end of middle school tests used as a replacement for the Egyptian Ministry Edadeya exams. The IB Diploma is examined externally at the end of grade 12. All students follow the requirements of the Ministry of Education for Arabic, social studies and religion. The results of external assessments are used to inform the school of areas for development and to identify individual students who may need additional support.

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