Co-curricular Activities

The school has developed an extensive co-curricular programme within the school day. It is our belief that students should be well rounded and not just focus on academics.. More details about the clubs will be announced at the start of the school year.


Three times a week students are given the opportunity to choose clubs that they would like to attend. Choices will include arts and crafts, music, sports, board games, debating, and languages. Students will choose three different clubs each week and will have the opportunity to change their clubs after eight weeks



All off-site activities must serve an educational purpose that is clearly related to the curriculum. The school director will nominate an educational visits group leader to be responsible for the overall control of these activities. The group leader will assist with the coordination of the trip in terms of logistics but does not replace the need for the supervising teacher to conduct their own site assessment.

evo chess club
evo construction club


Drama involves students in many aspects emotionally, physically and socially.

Drama will relate to the context of the Common Theme/ Unit Title.

Students will develop their confidence and will be able to express their emotions/feelings, they will be able to communicate together through Drama.

Students will grow and develop their abilities through acting individually or in groups.

Students will be introduced to:


- Expression: a) Body    b) Vocal   c) Facial

- Gestures

- Story telling

- Presentation skills

- Debates 

- Improvisation

- Play-making

- Critical thinking skills

- Problem solving/ personal choices

- Role play

- Finding positive ways of dealing with conflict

- Enhancing communication skills

- Self discipline

- Trust 

- Social awareness

- Memory/Focus

- Movement

- Stage direction

- Body positioning 

- Articulation 


All of these beneficial skills and tools can be carried through UAs, Assemblies and productions.


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